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WebMoney payment system

Webmoney electronic payment system

WebMoney is one of the most popular electronic payment systems on the Internet. Using webmoney you can make purchases, pay bills, transfer or receive funds, and other. Registration on it is fairly simple for any user.
An official site is www.wmtransfer.com . You can get on it all the necessary information about the webmoney system.
For you convenience, you can use webmoney through a software terminal that, that can be installed on your computer - Keeper Classic (only for operating systems Windows), through a terminal in a browser window - Keeper Light, either through a mobile phone - Keeper Mobile.

How to register webmoney Keeper Classic and to create wallets can be found here:

Before executing the transfer of funds to your forexcent deposit, remember the following:
You can withdraw your money only in that the payment system and only the wallet from where the payment was made initially.

This restriction is set for greater safety and security of your funds.
When you first funded your deposit of specific webmoney wallet, then later you can withdraw money only for the same wallet. In the case of multiple payment systems, the output will beproportional to these payment systems.

To transfer funds to your trading deposit, make the following:
- Sign in to your account on www.forexcent.com
- Pay attention to state of your deposit in the "Accounts".
In this case, you have on your deposit 96.03USD.
- Click on the "Deposit" icon in the "Cabinet" on www.forexcent.com .
- Select all preferred parameters in the "Deposit".
Select the number of revolving accounts and the amount of replenishment. In this case, is $ 5.
Click the logo of the webmoney payment system.
- After clicking on the webmoney logo, window will open at the site of this payment system.
Select necessary parameters and click "Next".
In the resulting window, enter the confirmation code from the previous page and click "Yes".
The next page will open. To confirm the payment, you must get a confirmation code of payment. It will be sent to your mobile phone. Click "send the code to SMS» to get the code to confirm payment.
After you have received payment confirmation code, enter it in the "confirmation code”, and if you agree to make a payment, click "Confirm the Payment ".
After this, payment will be performed and will be redirection to www.forexcent.com to your personal cabinet..
Pay attention to the balance. He has been increased by $ 5.
The operation of a deposit through the webmoney payment system successfully performed!

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