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Trading Symbols

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Trading Symbols

Trading instruments at Forex market are called a variety of assets represented in the list of Forex symbols whose prices changing every second, allowing the active speculation on changes in prices of these assets. Trading instruments in the Forex market are currency pairs, contracts for difference (CFD), futures, options, and others.

A trader can open a trading position on any of the submitted broker forex trading symbols. The most popular trading instruments in the Forex market are the currency pairs, the most popular are the EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY and USD / CHF. These currency pairs are called the major currency pairs, which trading at Forex market.

Currency pair is called the price of one currency against another currency. Thus, the currency pair EUR / USD means the unit cost of the first currency expressed in a definite quantity of the second currency. In this case, it denotes the value of one euro expressed in U.S. dollars. The first currency in a currency pair record is called a base currency and the second - quote currency or quoted currency.

The record of currency pairs is used a shortened notation, expressed in three letters. The first two letters indicate the name of the country, and the third letter indicates the name of the currency of that country. For example, USD stands for United States Dollar (USD). However, there are exceptions, such as EUR, which stands for the Euro - the united European currency.

In recording the currency pair slash denotes the ratio of the base currency to quote currency (EUR / USD), however, a slash may not be used (EURUSD). Such fused record is quite common, for example, firm entry currency pair occurs in the terminal.

As noted above, the following four currency pairs at Forex market are key: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY and USD / CHF. This is explained by the fact that, according to trading instruments performed the largest number of trading at the Forex market. Note the presence each of the entries submitted to the U.S. dollar of currency pairs. This fact is explained by the fact that the U.S. dollar is by far the main reserve currency in the world and has a very large weight in the global financial system.

Currency pairs that do not have U.S. dollar are called cross rates: EUR / JPY, EUR / CHF, GBP / CHF, etc.

In addition to currency pairs, the second most popular are the contracts for difference (CFD). CDF is a derivative financial instrument that gives an opportunity to get profit from raising or lowering of price the underlying asset (goods, securities, etc. )

CFDs allow traders to open trading positions of small volume. Contact the differences exist in the market for quite some time, but they were widely used only recently

In addition, the Forex market is widely used in trading futures and options.

Futures are called the agreement stipulated between the parties. In this case, one party undertakes to buy a certain product, and the other to buy the goods at a set price.

Option is a contract between two parties where one party allows another party to buy a specified asset at a specified price within a set period of time. The party that receives the option undertakes to pay for this right.

For customer convenience, the background section of this site www.ForexCent.com , was created a special section called "Symbols", which includes many trade tools available in the Forex market today. Trading instruments are organized by grade and by the degree of popularity. Thus, the first list of currency pairs and are the most popular ones. Next on the list are contracts for difference order of popularity, respectively.

A trader can find the desired trading instrument by typing its name into the search box in the Help system. In addition, a description of all characters available as a trade on the relevant pages dedicated to the trade symbols, and in PDF. Thereby the trader has the ability to view the necessary information in a convenient form.

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