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Forex glossary

Forex glossary

Forex Glossary

Forex glossary is a vocabulary of terms used at the Forex market. Glossary helps to understand what is meant in a particular article or review on Forex, which is especially important for beginners in the Forex market. For example, a novice trader, met with an unfamiliar concept about the Forex market, may apply to the section "Glossary" on the site www.ForexCent.com and find a detailed explanation of the term or phrase incomprehensible.

Often, traders, especially beginners, are faced with many concepts that they do not understand. From the simplest, such as the spread, swap, margin, leverage, broker, market maker, etc., to complex concepts such as equity, hedge margin, non-market quotation (spike), Arbitrage, Hedging, and so etc. These terms can be found in analytical articles, reviews and the other materials on international currency market Forex.

To help customers as quickly as possible to learn the meaning of unclear words and their meanings, a team of ForexCent developed a special section in the Help section of the site www.forexcent.com, which includes almost all definitions of terms and concepts encountered at Forex market. To access this section, just click "Help" at the top of the home page and the select the section "Glossary". This section is created as plain and simple that anyone could easily find it of interest to its concept or term occurring at the market Forex.

The glossary terms are arranged in alphabetical order, which is much easier to find the desired word. In addition, the trader may use a special search engine in the Help section of the site to find the desired word. To do this, simply enter a search word in the input box in the upper left corner of the reference section and the press the «Enter». After that, all the Help section, which includes the word will be presented to the trader in a list. From this list, the trader can choose the desired page, which contains the trader strange word or term.

Besides the entire above trader may view the desired page of glossary as to the appropriate page, or in a separate PDF file, which can be downloaded at the top right corner of the page devoted to a specific term. This will help to familiarize with unknown meaning of the term of the Forex market directly to the trader's computer that does not require access to the Internet, especially in order to find the value of an unfamiliar Forex word.

At the top of the page is given a brief description of the term, the subject of Forex Glossary page. According to this description, you can quickly and clearly understand the meaning of unknown words without going into details of the concept.

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