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Forex trading platform

A trading platform is special software that allows to trade at Forex market via internet. We offer you to use the version MetaTrader 4. Its features wide functionality and excellent possibility for market analysis.

MetaTrader 4 gives an opportunity to make ordinary transactions at Forex market, trade СFD and Futures. Information about currency rates is given in real-time mode. It means that quotations changes will be indicated immediately. With help of MetaTrader 4 you will be able to make deals at Forex market, buy and sell currency, making money from currency fluctuation.

Trading platform MetaTrader 4 gives wide opportunity for technical analysis that will help you to evaluate market situation and make a right decision to buy or sell currency. In technical analysis different kinds of charts are used. They represent change in different characteristics, price level, volume of transactions and total demand. Meta Trader 4 allows making various charts reflecting changing within any period of time. It will help to forecast future process more precisely.

It is possible to enrich Meta Trader 4 functionality using build-in programming language MQL 4 (MetaQuotes Language 4). It allows a trader to automate account control and process of making transactions. Language syntax is easy to use and study. With help of MetaQuotes Language 4 it is possible to use advisers, create user's indicators and scripts.

Advisors are special programs that analyze market and make transactions. User’s indicators notify about market situation changing. Scripts carry out different actions.

Built-in programming language helps to change platform functionality in accordance with a user’s needs. One more Meta Trader 4 advantage is a high level of information protection that is very important in financial operations.

A trading platform supports different languages. It features a built-in mail, a possibility to receive online news from all over the world, to print charts and so on.

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