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Server Log File

Server Log File

Server Log File is a file created by the trading server of the Company. Company trade server keeps track of all events related to those requests that client sends from his trading terminal at the company's server. Trading Company server records all the events up to a second and writes them to a log file, which is located on the server. Trade server stores all the events related to customer trading activity. Trading server provides the client the opportunity to spend a detailed analysis of its trading activities, in order to identify all of the interest of his events, which affected his trade. The client may, upon the information received to upgrade his trading system to achieve better results when trading the financial markets. With the help of server log files you can recover the history of the customer's account in case of loss in the terminal, which is an extremely important function performed by the server log file. Log file server as a log-file client terminal can be used to generate a detailed history of the account and create a detailed report on the Customer's trading activity for a specific period of time.

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