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Quotestream is consistently uploaded quotes to trading platform on all currency pairs, tradeding on the international Forex market. Creating a market quotations are based on market laws of supply and demand. This means that the price of a particular currency is increasing in the event that it bought in larger quantities than sell. At the same time the price of the currency falls in the case of large volumes of sales than purchases. The price is formed mainly under the influence of major market participants, conducting at a time, multimillion-dollar trading by buying and selling financial instruments. These major players in the forex market are the biggest bank-brokers - the market makers, as well as the world's largest corporations. All relevant information regarding current prices for all currency pairs comes to market participants through the major news agencies, such as «Reuters», EBS and others in real time. Quotations for all currency pairs are updated every second, as soon as the application of any market participant to buy or sell the financial instrument.

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