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Quotes Database - quotes history

Quotes Database

Quotes Database is information about all the quotes on a particular currency pair or group of currency pairs over a long period of time. Basis of quotations also often called the history of prices or just history. Using the information about the change in price for any currency pair for a desired period, the trader can learn from this a lot of useful information to form his own trading system. This trading system is focused on trade for the currency pair, because it can explore all the features of the behavior of the course under different market conditions and then able to predict successfully the future price behavior on the chart for a particular currency pair. Quotes Database loads automatically on trading platform the trader. In most cases, the trader does not need it to look in the archives of his broker. However, due to the great importance of preserving the history of quotes for all currency pairs, the brokers maintain it on their trade in the form of servers available to its customers records. A trader can always download the database of quotes for any currency pair in the entire history and connect it to his trading terminal, in case the base of quotations was not loaded automatically.

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