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Market Opening

Market Opening

Market Opening is the resumption of trading in the Forex market after the weekend. The opening of the Forex market made at different times depending on the time zone where you locate geographically. The opening of the Forex market is the conventional concept, because it really does not close due to the fact that it is an international OTC market, with no specific locations. The Forex market opens in early Monday local time, after the weekend. If you take into account the very beginning of the opening of the Forex market, then consider this point in time the beginning of the 70s of the 20th century. Forex works around the clock. Most active in a particular currency pairwas observed during the opening of the stock markets, which are the most active use ofspecific currencies in their work. In some cases, consider that the Forex marketoperates without any days off and talk about the opening of the market altogetherinappropriate. However, the weekend is practically no trade . It is therefore, can be divided to talk about moments of opening and closing of the foreign exchange market.

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