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Fast Market - rapid rate movement

Fast market

Fast market is a state of the currency market, where the rate movement for a particular currency pair becomes relatively very fast. This state of the Forex market usually takes place because of the following news release:
- Announcement by heads of central banks of leading world countries the value of the interest rate;
- Output in the mass media the important economic indicator of the economically large countries. These indicators strongly affect the state of the economy;
- Large currency intervention by the influential banks or institutions;
- Press conference of heads of financial institutions, major economic countries;
- Large natural disaster, which caused serious damage to the economy: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.;
- Accidents involving major economic enterprises;
- Various types of force majeure circumstances large scale;
- Carrying out large-scale military operations;
- Other events that could significantly affect the global economy.
Fast market is characterized by rapid bursts of price, the price can quickly jump right to the boundaries of the price many pips, forming gaps.

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