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Automated Forex System

Automated Forex System

Automated Forex System
Automated Forex System (Expert Advisor, Forex robot) is a computer program written in a special programming language (MQL, etc.) that executes on the trading terminal and has a function of trading signals self-generating. EA can open trading positions based on its signals. In other words, the automated trading system is able to carry out an independent trade, on the basis of specified trading algorithm, without human intervention.

Unlike human, Expert Advisor or Forex trading robot is able to trade around the clock without interruption. Advisor is free from any emotion, so inherent to the trader, and makes trading decisions only on the basis of its program logic.

Automated Forex trading systems have appeared quite recently and currently gained a great popularity among the Forex traders worldwide.

In addition to all aforesaid, the reasons for their so great popularity are:
- Trader saves his time by programming his own unique trading system into Forex Expert Advisor program logic;
- Trader can buy Expert Advisor of another trader. In this case, there is no need to delve into all the subtleties of reliable trading system of a successful trader;
- Instant reaction of Forex robot for all trading signals;
- Minimal computer hardware requirements for EA operation;
- And many other reasons.

At present, traders made hundreds of effective Forex advisors, which can be downloaded from many sites devoted to automatic Forex trading systems. In addition, with Expert Advisor code editor that come with trading platform, trader can create his own EA and use it to trade at Forex market.

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