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Trading symbol USDRUB

«US Dollar vs Russian Ruble» or «USDRUB»

USD/RUB is not a popular currency pair at Forex market. This trading instrument is poorly predicted because of the complex prediction of the Russian ruble as a result of its non-free convertibility and doubtfulness in a sufficient level of professionalism on the part of the state supervisory authorities in Russia.

Russia is the largest country, which forms its budget mainly by exporting harvests, such as oil, gas, nonferrous metals, etc. For this reason, the Russian ruble is largely determined by world prices for raw materials, mainly oil and gas. The Russian ruble is pegged to the U.S. dollar and Euro in about equal measure and depends heavily on the economies of these regions.

To date, the Russian ruble pegged to the two currencies - the U.S. dollar and the Euro at a ratio of 55% on the 45%. The course of Russian Ruble is mainly determined by world prices for raw materials is that Russia exports. These are mainly oil and gas.

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