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Trading symbol USDJPY

Forex Symbol «US Dollar vs Japanese Yen» or «USDJPY»

Currency pair USDJPY is one of the most popular currency pairs in the international currency market Forex. For this currency pair occurs more than 15% of trade transactions for buying and selling financial instruments in the foreign exchange market. The prevalence of this trading symbol is so high that the trading volume on it can be compared with the most popular currency pair EURUSD.

Since the value of the yen is highly dependent on the U.S. economy and international relations of the two countries, we can say that the valuation of the yen is a kind of international instrument of influence on the Japanese authorities from the U.S. leadership, as well as neighboring countries in eastern and south-east Asia.

USDJPY currency pair is very susceptible to a variety of major political and economic developments taking place in the world. For this reason, the price chart for this currency pair is poorly predictable, and often goes in the opposite direction relative to any analysis.

It is not recommended for beginning traders to starting their trading activity at the currency market with a given currency pair. For successful trading with this financial instrument you need to know a lot of nuances of price chart behavior that can greatly affect the future course rate.

Because the rate of the Japanese yen is largely dependent on the actions of the Japanese authorities, as well as economic conditions in Japan, it is necessary to note briefly the factors that can change the state of the described instrument.

Among the most influential organizations, capable of greater influence on the national currency, in comparison with other countries is the Ministry of Finance of Japan. This government organization has a very large weight in the economic life of the country and can cause serious conditions to influence the rate of the Japanese yen. It should be noted that influential persons from the Ministry of Finance of Japan often make unexpected applications that instantly reflected on the chart, where appears the Japanese yen. This tactic is fairly common for Japanese authorities, as they thus help their companies to make more profitable financial operations. In addition to the Ministry of Finance of Japan, the country's currency also has a great influence the Bank of Japan, which enjoys the right to conduct an independent policy of the government.

Among the most influential economic indicators in Japan can check the discount rate, which is set by the Bank of Japan to manage the economic situation of the country. In addition to the discount rate, it is necessary to pay great attention to the state government bonds of the country. Buying and selling government bonds, Bank of Japan, regulates many of the economic processes in the country, which in turn affects the value of national currency of Japan.

Among other important economic indicators in Japan, it is necessary to check the gross domestic product of Japan, Tankan (report on the state's largest companies in Japan and their intentions, which is issued quarterly). We should also mention the unemployment rate, industrial production in Japan, the money supply and the level of international trade.

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