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Trading symbol USDCHF

Forex Symbol «US Dollar vs Swiss Franc» or «USDCHF»

USD/CHF is a very popular currency pair at the Forex market, which is heavily dependent on U.S. economic situation. For this reason, the trader should primarily focus on the economic indicators of the United States of America.

Switzerland is highly developed and very rich country. All production at this country is directed to foreign markets, but Switzerland has the most progressive banking area of economy. The major banks in Switzerland are UBS and Credit Suisse. These banks are largest banks of all over the world.

The economic situation in Switzerland remains high for several centuries. For this reason, the Swiss Franc enjoys great confidence all over the world as one of the most reliable and stable world currencies. The Swiss franc is also a kind of safe haven for capital investment during the crisis. Therefore, in times of crisis, when capital is urgently forwarded to Switzerland, the Swiss franc rises sharply against other currencies. This feature of Swiss economy should be taken into account when you trade with this trading instrument.

Among the few data on the status of the Swiss economy, which are made public, we can distinguish announcement by the National Bank of Switzerland outcomes of meetings on monetary policy. However, information about the state of the Swiss economy is rarely advertised. Therefore, any information concerning the economic situation in Switzerland has a great attention from traders around the world.

The main feature of the Swiss banking system is the complete confidentiality of customer accounts. This feature allows clients to evade taxes by the state. This feature of the Swiss banking system are not satisfied with the governments of many European countries whose citizens do not pay taxes. For this reason, the European Union has repeatedly sought to pressure on Switzerland to make its banking system more open, but it is still not able to do. Frank can fall in price at reducing exports of Switzerland in western Europe. This can be a great tool from the EU.

Currency pair USD/CHF is well predictable. Relatively low volatility makes it impossible to get more profit. This currency pair is characterized by a heightened sensitivity to changes in global stock markets. When trading the Swiss Franc, you should consider a low interest rate in Switzerland, rare intervention and similarity of the USDCHF chart with the EURUSD and GBPUSD charts.

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