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Trading Symbol #INTC

Forex Symbol "#INTC" or "Intel Corporation"

#INTC is CFD on shares of Intel Corporation. #INTC is a famous trading instrument at the Forex market.

Intel Corporation is the largest American company engaged in the development and release to the market a large variety of products in electronics and information technology. Among the most famous products of Intel's microprocessors can, which are very popular around the world.

The Intel company was founded in 1968 and was developed as a result of a favorable combination of circumstances, when the company received a large order from a Japanese company, and, of course, hard work of its founders, who were able to develop one of the most powerful processors of the time. The company later became the world leader in the development and sale of microprocessors for PCs.

To date, the Intel is one of the most successful companies in the world. Its annual turnover is around U.S. $ 40 billion and a net profit approaching $ 6 billion. Almost all of the shares of Intel Corp. locate on the various stock exchanges.

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