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Trading Symbol #GM

Forex Symbol "#GM" or "General Motors Corporation"

#GM is CFD on shares of General Motors Corporation. #GM is a famous trading instrument at the Forex market.

General Motors Corporation is a famous American company engaged in the production of automobiles. This company is a world leader in the production of cars. The factories of the company are located in three dozen countries around the world.

The General Motors Company was founded in the early 20th century. Today the turnover of the company is more than U.S. $ 100 billion. The number of employees is than 200 thousand people.

In 2009, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy and was about to spend the rest of the procedure for closing the company, however, General Motors has saved the U.S. government, which bought a controlling stake of the company for $ 30 billion.

The company is currently not experiencing serious financial problems that could severely affect its position. For this reason, the U.S. government in late 2010, has sold about a half of its shares of General Motors, not wanting to control the company.

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