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Trading Symbol #GE

Forex Symbol "#GE" or "General Electric Corporation"

#GE - CFD on shares of General Electric Corporation. #GE is a famous trading instrument at the Forex market.

General Electric Corporation is the largest U.S. public company. General Electric has been producing various types of technology: systems for the electrical industry, locomotives, engines for aircraft, equipment for the healthcare industry, as well as many other products.

General Electric is a public company owned by a very large number of shareholders. It is important to note that none of the shareholders of the company does not own more than 4% of the company.

Since the General Electric Company is a diversified corporation, it is divided into sections:
- GE Technology Infrastructure - Department for the production of medical equipment, as well as products for the aviation and railway industry;
- GE Energy - Department for the market launch of products for the oil, gas and electric industries;
- GE Capital - the financial department of the company engaged in financial transactions;
- GE NBC Universal - the branch of GE in the field of television and radio;
- GE Consumer & Industrial - Unit of electrical equipment manufacturing companies.

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