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Boeing Company

Trading symbol #BA

«#BA» or «Boeing Company»

The Boeing Company is a largest American company. This corporation is one of the leading manufacturers in the fields of aviation, space industry, as well as the supply of products for the military industry.

Boeing shares its activities on two main areas: the production of civil aircraft and execution of military orders from the U.S. Department of Defense and its allies. The corporation consists of Boeing units devoted to creating and applying new technologies in manufacturing, financial security, etc.

The main factories are air products in Washington state, California and Missouri. The most popular aircraft is the Boeing Corporation Boeing 737, which is widely used in civil aviation throughout the world.

The Boeing Corporation has extensive experience in producing military aircraft, as was the main producer of military aircraft for the U.S. and its allies during the Second World War. The Corporation has turned out a great experience in this field and holds a leading position in this area and to this day. To date, Boeing Corporation is now a huge strategic importance. Its market value is estimated over 60 billion U.S. dollars.

The biggest competitor to Boeing is another U.S. company - Airbus. Due to competition between these two giants of the aviation industry, the economy of the world receives high quality, well-tested model of the newest aircraft of the last generation, which meet all international standards in the design of air transport. Boeing Company released its orders for the space industry. Thus, it was released the newest spacecraft CST100, after receiving an order from the agency NASA.

Boeing has a large network of plants located in more than 60 countries and its customers include governments and companies from more than 140 countries. The suppliers of the company are more than 5000 companies in all developed countries.

In recent years, Boeing has put its customers more than a thousand civilian aircraft, most of which goes to the famous Boeing 737. Every goth number of orders for production of the aircraft company Boeing is growing, thanks to a high degree of reliability of these aircraft and their excellent reputation in the world market of air transport.

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