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Alcoa Inc.

Trading symbol #AA

«#AA» or «Alcoa Inc.»

Alcoa Inc. is American Smelting Company, which is the largest aluminum producer in the world. The company Alcoa Inc. has its offices in more than 30 states. The number of employees of this company is more than 100 thousand people. The company extracts the aluminum from alumina, which is produced from bauxite mined in the mines.

The company produces aluminum construction, the various articles of base metal, and parts for automobile wheels. Alcoa Inc. is the largest supplier of automotive parts and packaging for beer and other foods. In addition, the company supplies its products to the needs of aerospace, aviation and engineering industries.

The company's headquarters is located in the United States, Pennsylvania, the city of Pittsburgh. The company has a long history. It founded in 1888 as a result of the opening of a new process for extracting aluminum from alumina. The first company name was "Aluminum Company of America" («American Aluminum Company"), later shortened to Alcoa.

Today, the company's value is estimated at nearly U.S. $30 billion, and its shares are actively traded on stock markets around the world.

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