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Spike Quotes - non-market rate


Spike quotes (non-market rate) is the error that appears in the bidding. This phenomenon is very rare, due to the fact that brokers keep track of it. In the case of such failure the client deposit can temporarily disappear. To return deposit to its original state, you should immediately contact your broker, that would restore all the original values of customer deposits in the shortest possible time, after the establishment of the failure. To diagnose the malfunction as follows:
- It is necessary to find on the chart a dimensionless band;
- Non-market quotation is denoted by a momentary setback for the price, which was in the beginning, without apparent fluctuations on the chart;
- A significant price gap can present;
- Lack of rapid price movement before the appearance of the quotation;
- The absence of significant news, fundamental at the time the non-market quotations.
In the case of Spike, the brokerage firm has the right to remove information from its origin database on the history of quotation changes.

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