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Order closing

Order closing

You can close the deal in the bottom menu of the trading terminal. Its caption is "Trade". It identifies your balance, funds and free cash that you can open the deal. If the position is opened, it will be visible in a trade window.

The open transaction can be closed, having called a deal closing window. To make it is possible having chosen its double click of the left button of the mouse, or having pressed it once the right button of the mouse and having chosen «Close Order» menu item.

After you have made it, you will see the following window:

And now, in order to close the deal, you have to press a long yellow button labeled "Close #.....»
After that, the deal will be closed on the price level, which was established the market at the moment before sending the order the brokerage program.
After closing the deal, your current trading account will be modified with a positive or negative result.

There is also a probability of that your order will not be executed and you will receive "requote".

Requote is an answer of the broker program to the order which is sent by the client. In this message is reported about invalidity of the quotation on which the client wishes to open a position. This means that the rate has left from guessed price of realization of the order and does not come back to it.

Requotes often arise in volatile or low-liquidity markets, or when you receive a non-market quotations in the terminal.
To reduce probability of requote reception at Instant Execution, it is necessary to use «Enable maximum deviation from quoted price».

* Volatility is a measure that characterizes the tendency of market prices change over the time.
* Liquidity - the ability of assets to be sold quickly at close to market price.

It means that the broker program acquires the right to execute the order with the set deviation from the set price at the moment of sending of the warrant to the broker program. It is possible to choose the given deviation from the list, or to enter manually. At sending of the order with value of the maximum deviation, the broker program is obliged to open the transaction in case of hit of the current quotation in the set interval.
It is possible to establish the maximum deviation for more probable opening of the position in case of the big amplitude of rate fluctuation because it can be not opened in case the rate will go to this or that way without having reached level of your deal opening.

After closing the deal you will receive the following notice:
This is report on the closure of the current position.
Your trading account has been modified. His state you can see in the bottom menu of the trading terminal "Trade" in line "Balance".

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