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OkPay payment system

OkPay electronic payment system

Okpay is an electronic payment system.
The service owner is OKPAY Inc, registered in the British Virgin Islands.
The system started in 2009.
An official Okpay site is www.okpay.com

- Okpay works with Euros, U.S. Dollars, British Pound, SwissFranc, Russian Ruble and many other currencies.
- Payments are made immediately.
- The Money transfer can be made to any user via email. Recipient only has to register in the Okpay.
- Currency can be exchanged among themselves at current rates. There is a fee for this.
- Okpay pays dividends of 3% per annum for the funds stored in the accounts.

To deposit or withdraw money, you can use:
- Credit card.
- Bank transfer.
- Debit Okpay card.
- Electronic money.
- Certified exchangers.

- An internal Okpay transfer is 0.5%.
- Withdrawal is 1%.
- Check cashing is 2.5%.

More about Okpay and how to register this payment system, can be found here:

Before executing the transfer of funds to your forexcent deposit, remember the following:
You can withdraw your money only in that the payment system and only the wallet from where the payment was made initially.

This restriction is set for greater safety and security of your funds.
When you first funded your deposit of specific okpay wallet, then later you can withdraw money only for the same wallet. In the case of multiple payment systems, the output will beproportional to these payment systems.

To transfer funds to your trading deposit, make the following:
- Sign in to your account on www.forexcent.com
- Pay attention to state of your deposit in the "Accounts".
In this case, you have on your deposit 96.03USD.
- Click on the "Deposit" icon in the "Cabinet" on www.forexcent.com .
- Select all preferred parameters in the "Deposit".
Select the number of revolving accounts and the amount of replenishment. In this case, is $ 5.
Click the logo of the okpay payment system.
- After clicking on the okpay logo, window will open at the site of this payment system.
In the present window you have to log in or sign up. How to register was descripted above. If you already have an Okpay account then log in by entering your e-mail account and password.

After you have entered your email and password, then click "Login".
You see a window asking to choose a payment method. Since the payment is made by Okpay, choose this payment system.
After Okpay selection, choose a wallet, from which payment will be performed.
Chosen dollar wallet, which has the amount required for payment. After the necessary wallet is selected, click "Next ".
In conclusion, the final payment confirmation. Read this, and if you agree, click "Confirm".
After this, payment will be performed and will be redirection to www.forexcent.com to your personal cabinet.
Pay attention to the balance. He has been increased by $ 5.

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