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MasterCard payment system

MasterCard electronic payment card

MasterCard – is a leading international electronic payment system. It unites more than 22 thousand banks all over the world. MasterCard plays a mediating role between the banks, it is providing technical cooperation and organizes transactions between participating banks.
Official MasterCard website is www.mastercard.com
Managed organization is MasterCard International Incorporated.
The main office is located in New York, USA.
MasterCard - is the most popular bank card worldwide. MasterCard cards can be used in more than 200 countries around the world. MasterCard occupies more than half of the payment cards in the world, and an annual turnover of 5 trillion U.S. dollars. MasterCard plays a key role in implementing new technologies and the development of safe and secure online payment methods around the world. MasterCard cards are serviced in 20 million establishments around the globe. The main competitors are mastercard and American Express.
MasterCard works with all major world currencies.

MasterCard card types:
- Cireng, Maestro is the most common card. Provides a convenient way of cashing out and shopping in commercial networks.
- MastercardMass (Standard) provides standard functions: trade payments, payments for services on the Internet, insurance funds in your account and others.
- MastercardGold provides a large credit limits than the previous card provides additional services: immediate card replacement in case of loss, reductions in tourism, exclusive shopping and others.
- MastercardPlatinum - is a more prestigious card than Gold. Provides additional services, discounts and privileges.

There are many types of cards MasterCard, read more about them at the official MasterCard website.

Before executing the transfer of funds to your forexcent deposit, remember the following:
You can withdraw your money only in that the payment system and only the wallet from where the payment was made initially.

This restriction is set for greater safety and security of your funds.
When you first funded your deposit throught mastercard, then later you can withdraw money only for the same way. In the case of multiple payment systems, the output will be proportional to these payment systems.

To transfer funds to your trading deposit, make the following:
- Sign in to your account on www.forexcent.com
- Pay attention to state of your deposit in the "Accounts".
In this case, you have on your deposit 96.03USD.
- Click on the "Deposit" icon in the "Cabinet" on www.forexcent.com .
- Select all preferred parameters in the "Deposit".
Select the number of revolving accounts and the amount of replenishment. In this case, it is $ 5.
Click the logo of the mastercard payment system.
- After your clicking on the mastercard logo, a page of this payment system will open. Follow the instructions.
In the browser window will appear the following information:
Here you specify where and how much should be transferred. Once you have reviewed the initial information about fees, click "Buy".
An identification window of LiqPaysystem will appear.
Type your telephone number and press “Confirm”.
You will receive a password on your telephone. Enter it in the “Password” field and click "Confirm".
Fill all the fields and if you agree to make a payment press “Pay”.
The final confirmation. Read all the data and if you agree, press “Pay”.
After this payment will be made instantly and you will be automatically redirected to www.forexcent.com to your personal cabinet.
Please pay attention that deposit was increased by 5$.

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