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LiqPay payment system

123 LiqPay electronic payment system

LiqPay is a convenient system for micropayments on the Internet.
LiqPay oficial site is www.liqpay.com .
Developer and owner is Privatbank.
LiqPAY was created in 2008.

Basic LiqPay characteristics:
- LiqPay system works with the Euro, US Dollar, Russian Ruble and the Ukrainian Hryvnia.
- There is no limit on the minimum amount of payments and the amount of the payment.
- Where is no commission when transferring from LiqPay to LiqPay.
- Payments are instant.
- LiqPay Tariffs are lower than you pay with your mobile phone.
- When making a payment is not necessary to know the details of the payee.
- Client ID in the system is a number of his mobile phone.
- LiqPay allows you to transfer money using mobile phones, payment cards and the Internet.
- There are no restrictions on the country, mobile operator or bank.

Tariffs to transfer within the system is 0%.
Transfer from LiqPay the PrivatBank card. Rate 0.55 USD + 0.5%. Period - 1 business day.
Transfer from LiqPay to CIS Visa. Rate 1.95 USD + 1%. Period - 3-6 banking days.

Before executing the transfer of funds to your forexcent deposit, remember the following:
You can withdraw your money only in that the payment system and only the wallet from where the payment was made initially.

This restriction is set for greater safety and security of your funds.
When you first funded your deposit of LiqPay wallet, then later you can withdraw money only for the same wallet. In the case of multiple payment systems, the output will be proportional to these payment systems.

To transfer funds to your trading deposit, make the following:
- Sign in to your account on www.forexcent.com
- Pay attention to state of your deposit in the "Accounts".
In this case, you have on your deposit 96.03USD.
- Click on the "Deposit" icon in the "Cabinet" on www.forexcent.com .
- Select all preferred parameters in the "Deposit".
Select the number of revolving accounts and the amount of replenishment. In this case, it is $ 5.
Click the logo of the LiqPay payment system.
- After your clicking on the LiqPay logo, a page of this payment system will open. Follow the instructions.
In the browser window will appear the following information:
Here you specify where and how much should be transferred. Once you have reviewed the initial information about fees, click "Buy".
You'll see an identification window of LiqPay:
Enter number of your telephone and press "Confirm".
You will receive a password on your telephone. Enter it in the “Password” field and click "Confirm".
Next you need to select the source from which will be paid. Select it and click "Pay".
In conclusion, the final confirmation of payment. Make sure everyone is OK and if you agree to make payment, click "Pay".
After this payment will be made instantly and you will be automatically redirected to www.forexcent.com
Please pay attention that deposit was increased by 5$.

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