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Forex trading platform

Trading platform

Forex Trading platform is a set of software and hardware, providing full information on trading on financial markets in a real time. It provides conducting of trading operations, consideration of mutual obligations between the Client and the Dealer, as well as compliance with the terms and restrictions. In simplified form, for the purposes of this Agreement, consists of server and client terminal. Trading Platform is the most important tool a trader that allows him to make financial transactions on the Forex market. To date, the trading platform is a suite of software that allows traders to enter the financial markets, as well as carry out a detailed analysis of the market situation in order to increase their chances of a successful outcome of a transaction. Trading platform is easy to use and has a wide range of opportunities, allowing the trader to be aware of all the most important news of a fundamental nature that take place in the world, and many others. Using a trading platform, the client can work with all major trading tools and create their own trade tools and use them to better predict the market situation.

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