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Forex Trading

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Forex Trading

Currently, among the traders all over the world is becoming increasingly popular currency trading at Forex market. The reasons for this phenomenon may be very different, but most important are: the ability to trade without a large initial investment, low cost of transactions, a large number of financial instruments (currency pairs, CFDs, futures, options), the ability to speculate on the shares prices of the largest corporations in the world, precious metals, oil, etc. In addition, the Forex market traders access to hundreds of variety of tools for technical and fundamental analysis to help with a high probability to predict the further change in the price for a particular trade symbol. All of the above, as well as many other factors that pay attention by investors all over the world that cannot fail to note the extensive opportunities offered to them by this market. However, before we go any further, it is necessary to elaborate on what exactly is the Forex market at the moment.

Forex stands for the word «FOReign EXchange market». Forex today is a huge financial market, where daily trading millions of traders around the world. Daily turnover at Forex market exceeds several trillion U.S. dollars what on tens and sometimes hundreds of times more than on the world's major stock exchanges.

This market was established in the 70s of the 20th century as a result of reforms to abolish the binding rates of the major capitalist countries to the gold. As a result, further exchange rate began to be determined by the law of supply and demand, which opened up opportunities for investors around the world. Presented reform was carried out by central banks the most powerful industrial countries: U.S. Federal Reserve, central banks of Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Spain and other countries.

Forex, unlike other financial markets, has no particular place of the auction. The reason for this phenomenon is the fact that Forex is an international interbank market, made and regulated by a number of the world's largest banks - market makers: UBS, Bank of America, Bank of New-York, City Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc. All financial transactions are taking place at Forex market, pass through these banks that are fully ensured and guaranteed performance of the system at any time.

Nowadays, anyone trading at Forex market can afford it without any problems. To start trading, a trader needs only to choose a reliable forex broker, which will execute his transactions on the market, to sign a contract with him to provide brokerage services on certain terms favorable to the client and start trading. To start trading, the client should only download and install on his computer the trading terminal MetaTrader of Meta Quotes Software Corp. or use the online trading platform from a company ForexCent, available on the website www.ForexCent.com .

Choosing the Right Forex broker is very important for traders because of the quality of services provided depends very much in Forex trading. Reliable Forex Broker must have an impeccable reputation, excellent trading conditions suitable to large investors, as well as beginners. In addition, a good Forex broker must provide the trader an excellent software for trade transactions, all transactions must take place immediately, without time delays. The broker must provide a wide range of traders trading instruments with the lowest spreads and swaps. All these requirements, as well as many other relevant small number of brokers in the Forex market, but among the most reliable brokers can provide a company ForexCent, which provides its clients with the most favorable set of trader conditions at the Forex market. ForexCent Company is focused in his work on large investors and beginners in the Forex market, which can enjoy the advantages offered by this company: virtually the lowest spreads and swaps, the possibility of opening trade transaction volume of 0.01 lots to 50 lots, the minimum deposit amounts to only U.S. $ 1, maximum deposit is not restricted, it is possible to open a trading account in the desired currency in U.S. dollars, Euro or Russian Rubles, leverage is up to 1:500, there is the ability to get profit from unused funds in the trade, and much more .

The company provides traders with the opportunity ForeksTsent of opening Real - dollar accounts, Micro - cent accounts, as well as no deposit bonus account for novice traders. Traders receive up to 40% bonus on their deposit at trading account replenishment. The company regularly conducts ForexCent a wide variety of contests for traders, and the winners receive generous prizes that can be seen on the website. The company regularly holds a variety of holiday activities, improving the trading environment for traders: reducing spreads and swaps, increasing the possibility of opening accounts bonuses, bonuses for increasing the recruitment, playing a variety of prizes and generously endowing the winners in various promotions.

Trader can communicate with other traders in the ForexCent trader chat on the site. Trader can ask here desired question and he will always get the appropriate answer to his question.

ForexCent company provides its clients with a unique opportunity to use online web terminal to trade on the financial markets of the world. With online web terminal from the company ForexCent, a trader can trade virtually on any device from a PC to a mobile phone connected to the Internet or a tablet. To trade with web terminal is enough to load a web site with a terminal on www.ForexCent.com. Web terminal allows the trader to use a wide range of technical indicators to predict the future price for a particular financial instrument. In addition, the web terminal of ForexCent company constantly improved in order to provide the user with maximum comfort.

The international currency market Forex operates 5 days a week. On Saturday and Sunday trading carried out almost for the reason that banks market makers in these days do not work. Continuous operation is ensured by millions of Forex exchange trading operations, which are executed by traders from all time zones. Bidders in the Forex market are large banks, investment funds, pension funds, brokerage firms or other companies in various countries and individuals trading in this market both professionally and at amateur level.

The major currencies at Forex market are: USD - U.S. Dollar, EUR - Euro, GBP - British Pound, JPY - Japanese Yen and CHF - Swiss Franc. These currencies are present in almost all currency pairs at the foreign exchange market Forex. Currency pairs, where the U.S. dollar is not represented, are called cross rates.

Initially, Forex trading was only available to large investors holding large sums of money, however, over time, the possibility of trading the currency market has been available for almost any person on the planet. So, today the company ForexCent, it became possible to start trading with a minimum deposit of U.S. $ 1.

Among the most important factors that could significantly affect the value for a particular financial instrument are the following: economic and political events in the largest industrial countries of the world, natural phenomena (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc.). Because of the very great importance of these factors, they are continually monitored by specialists and published instantly largest news agencies, foremost among which are: Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Tenfore, CQG, RBC, Reuters, etc.

Among the main factors that make the Forex market is so popular around the world, the following factors:
- The Forex market is very highly liquid, for the reason that money is the most liquid commodity in the world, which is very easily exchanged for other goods;
- In the Forex market is practically no commissions, except for the price difference between the prices bid and ask, which is called the spread. Spread is Forex broker earning for its services;
- The Forex market is around the clock. For this reason, traders have the opportunity to trade at any time convenient to them, regardless of time zone in which they are located;
- The Forex market is available to virtually everyone. This was made possible thanks to the margin loan, kindly provided by the Forex broker to his client. A trader can select the desired degree of leverage depending on their own preferences.

Due to constant fluctuations in prices for all trading symbols, the trader has an excellent opportunity to speculate successfully on this fact, which is the basis of trade in many markets, and on the forex market in particular. To help traders to trade successfully at the currency market, the ForexCent company has taken care to provide a client with the best literature on trade in financial markets of the world's leading experts in the field of finance. To the attention of traders are a lot of books and articles on a variety of trading strategies, tactics, trading indicators and expert advisors. The ForexCent company strongly interested in the success of its customers in the foreign exchange market, for this reason, the staff are trying every way to help our customers achieve maximum results in trade, and for those wishing to become partners of the company, it is created a very profitable affiliate program, which can be found in the trader's cabinet on website www.ForexCent.com .

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