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Partnership program

Dear customers! Our company, supporting the successful development of your business in foreign exchange trading, offers you to become our partner on very favorable conditions.

Here is our suggestion:
- You register on the www.forexcent.com .
- You get the opportunity to trade the forex market.
- Additionally, you receive the right to invite new partners through your account on our site.
- You earn 1.5 points on each trading operation committed by any your partner.

For registration in the partner program, you only need to read and accept the partnership agreement.

To invite a new partner:
- Login to the partner office in the “Partnership” section.
- Create 2 partner accounts - Real and Mini.. Partner accounts will be automatically generated and unique password will be created. The Real account currency is U.S. dollar, but Mini account is U.S Cent. On these accounts will come a commission on any trade operations of your partners. It does not depend on the currency of their accounts. The funds will be automatically converted into the currency of partner account.
- Invite a partner to the www.forexcent.com .

You can invite a partner in the following way:

You will receive a link to the site as follows:
http://www.forexcent.com/eng/forex_broker.htm l?p=22269

"22269" is your partner ID, which you can use to invite new customers to any part of a site. To do this, simply add your partner ID to the end of any links from the site as follows:
http://www.forexcent.com/eng/forex_bonus.html? p=22269

The partner automatically will be registered as your guest after clicking on a link. You will receive your commissions automatically, after his beginning to trade.

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