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Forex Order


Order is the Client’s instruction to his broker or dealer to buy or sell a financial instrument on a given market price. In the simplest case the client only needs to press a few buttons trading platform. Type «Buy» or «Sell» to open the transaction. At the same time still need to choose a financial instrument for the transaction and the amount of transaction. Upon receipt of the forex order to open the transaction, it is executed immediately. In addition to the trading terminal, to open trade through the order, you can use as a telephone line to connect directly with an employee of a brokerage company. This is somewhat longer, but the result is the same as sending orders through the trading platform.
Opening of the transaction by sending the order is as follows:
1. The client informs the broker about the chosen currency pair . It is the amount of the transaction, as well as the desire to open a position;
2. Broker immediately carrying out the client's request.

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