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The Best Forex Books

Forex Literature

The Small Encyclopedia of Trader - Eric L. Neiman
An excellent book describing the method of technical analysis of financial markets. In addition, this work is described in detail the basic information concerning the method of fundamental analysis of markets, as well as features of human psychology at the Forex market. The reader can find important information regarding risk management, which could be very useful in actual trading at financial markets.

How to play and win at a stock exchange - Alexander Elder
An excellent book of world-renowned expert in the area of trade in financial markets, Dr. Alexander Elder. In this book, Dr. Elder explains that the foundation of successful trading is psychology, as well as methods of risk management. The book describes specific methods for achieving success: avoiding the emotional traps, finding the most profitable deals, using various technical indicators, as well as how to compile all this in a well-established trading system.

Trading with dr. The Elder. Encyclopedia of exchange games - Alexander Elder
Logical extension of the world-famous best-selling Dr. Alexander Elder's "How to play and win at the stock exchange." This book explains more detail some aspects of the psychology and methods of trading in financial markets. Dr Elder describes effective methods for capital and time managing, which allows you to get profit at Forex market.

Trading Chaos - Bill Williams and Justine Gregory-Williams
Detailed guide for using the chaos theory to trade in financial markets. In this paper, the reader will be able to find methods of forecasting of bull and bear trend, as well as results of various studies of financial markets.

New Trading Dimensions: How to Profit from Chaos in Stocks, Bonds, and Commodities – Bill M. Williams
The presentation of a new approach combining technical and fundamental analysis with the method of chaos, as well as the latest discoveries in the field of psychology. This book contains many illustrative examples where author tried to bring to the reader the essence of his trading system.

The Candlestick Course - Steve Nison
The successful application of the ancient Japanese investment forecasting techniques to modern conditions of trading in financial markets. This book is described in detail the most complete information regarding the method of analysis of a candle, which currently enjoys great popularity around the world.

The New Money Management: A Framework for Asset Allocation - Ralph Vince
In this book author pays attention on money management, which in the opinion of the author neglected by most books on trading in financial markets. The book focuses on the fact that a trader must first learn to not to lose his money before start making large sums of money, otherwise its trading deposit nulled rather than reach respectable value.

The Mathematics of Money Management: Risk Analysis Techniques for Traders - Ralph Vince
This book is about the mathematician aspect of risk management. If you have a mathematical mind you can easily understand this material.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - Edwin Lefèvre
A fascinating story about the life of Edwin Lefevre - the one of the most successful traders at the stock exchange of the last century. The book is written in the 20s of the 20th century and has long been a classic of exchange game. In spite of such significant age of the book, it still enjoys wide popularity among traders, since it in a simple and ironic form contained many real advices on the psychology of the market and trading techniques in various situations. Unlike most books on investing, this work looks more like an artistic story than a textbook, for this reason it is easy to read with great interest.

Technical Analysis from A to Z - Steven Achelis
The book is dedicated to technical analysis of financial markets with the help of computer programs - the indicators. This work describes the basic computer indicators with most probability to get a profit.

Universities Stock Operator - Victor Niderhoffer
A well-known book of one of the best traders at Forex market, trading in mainly Japanese Yen. In this work the author shares with the reader his many years of experience on the foreign exchange market, which can be very useful for both novice and professional traders at Forex.

Practical Speculation - V. Niederhoffer
Another book by one of the best-known speculators in financial markets, Victor Niederhoffer. In this book the author presents his main ideas on trading in financial markets and the dangers that await any trader on the way to make a profit.

Dealing for Beginners - Yuri Zhvakolyuk
The book is dedicated to the very beginning of trading in the currency markets, describes the main features of the Forex market and on those first steps that are required to pass a novice in the financial markets to get the first stable positive financial results.

Intra-day trading in the Forex market - Yuri Zhvakolyuk
The book tells about the features of trade in the short time intervals and how to extract profit. The author describes his own steps in this direction and about what allowed him to achieve a permanent stable positive results in the foreign exchange market.

The New Science of Technical Analysis - Thomas R. DeMark
Scientific work of the famous financial analyst Thomas DeMark, describing the latest research in the field of building new trading systems, indicators and expert advisors. This book is designed for a wide range of readers, and covers a wide range of issues - from the construction of a trend on the chart, to complex theories of market behavior under different conditions and creation on their basis various technical indicators.

How I play and win at the stock exchange - Gary Smith
The book is well-known American Stock Operator, dedicated to his unique method of achieving profits in the financial markets. Gary Smith has come a long way - from the long-term losses on the stock exchanges, to a millionaire. In this work, the author describes what has allowed him to move from the category of outsiders in the financial markets, the status of one of the best players in the market.

The Psychology of Finance - Lars Tweed
In this book the author provides a scientific approach to the psychology of the behavior of investors in financial markets. The basis of the book is the proposition that market participants - this is real people that are prone to emotions. Market participants use similar trading strategies and tactics that can predict the behavior of the market, you just need to keep your emotions under control and not to succumb to short-term emotional impulses.

Life and death of the great stock speculator - Richard Smith
Description of the professional life of one of the best speculator Jesse Livermore, also known as Larry Livingstone - the character of the book "Reminiscences of a Stock Speculator." According to descriptions from the book, Jesse Livermore was a very secretive, silent and unknown. This man had reached enormous control over their emotions, which allowed him a very cold and logical reasoning, without succumbing to emotional impulses. The presented book is a classic stock trading, which has helped many generations of stock traders in their daily work.

Technical analysis - Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager known financier, in his book gives a detailed description of the method of technical analysis, setting forth in detail the most important aspects of the analysis of price chart for gain profit.

New Market Wizards - Jack Schwager
Advices of leading traders of the world firsthand. The author interviewed many of the most successful traders in order to determine the reasons for their success. In this work the best financial speculators tell their experience and techniques to enable them to reach the peaks in the financial markets.

Stock Market Wizards - Jack Schwager
Continuation of the book series "Market Wizards" in which well-known American financier Jack Schwager interviews the most successful traders of America. The book presents information concerning the stunning elegance of trading systems and strategies of the most successful speculators of America.

Forex for Beginners – A. Kulikov
Pretty interesting book, which presents the basics of Forex trading easy and accessible way. This book is intended for beginners in the Forex market and allows them to get started quickly in this market.

Trader Vic II: Principles of Professional Speculation – V. Sperandeo
A good book for a beginner trader in the Forex market. The book describes the trading techniques of one of the best traders in the Forex market "Trader Vic". Presentation of the material is half the art that allows you to read it as a fascinating story about the life of traders. In addition, the book contains a lot of useful information.

Disciplined Trader - M. Douglas
The book is dedicated to developing the character of a trader. To be successful, a trader needs to educate himself in the discipline not to be afraid of mistakes and believe in yourself.

Path turtles From amateurs to legendary traders – Kurtis Feys
The book is devoted to presenting the necessary ingredients for success in the financial markets, such as discipline, good trading system, the will to win and believing in yourself and your strength.

Mental Trap: Nonsense that make reasonable people to ruin their life - Kukla A.
Great book, thought-provoking about the internal enemies of person. Only defeating the enemies inside, we can achieve success, including at the Forex market.

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