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Forex Bid price – the price for selling the instrument


Bid is the price at which you sell a certain amount of financial instruments to your bank. A bank, respectively, buys at this price from you. Trading on the Forex market, you'll see this type of price everywhere where will appear discussion about international Forex market from the trading terminal and exchange rates on the website of your broker, to exchange reports and analytical articles on international financial markets.

EUR/USD = 1,3915/1,3920

Bid price or demand price, submitted in the case if the first price is less then the value of a given currency quotation. This is the price at which you sell a certain amount of base currency for the currency quoted in a particular currency pair. For example, if you open a transaction to sell, the transaction will be carried out exactly at the bid price, which offers you a bank to sell a certain amount of base currency. In addition, the price of the Bid is used when closing deals, opened earlier on a purchase.

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