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Arbitrage transaction - financial operation

Arbitrage transaction

Arbitrage transaction is a financial operation consisting in making a profit from the difference in the prices of certain goods in different markets. That is, the goods bought in one market and sold in another market. Income generated from the difference in prices for goods purchased in different markets. Conducting arbitrage operations lead to the fact that prices for the same the goods in different markets will approach to each other with increasing intensity of arbitrage trading. This is explained by the fact that buying the goods on the market where it costs less, the trader increases the price on it, and selling the goods bought earlier in another market where it costs more, it automatically reduces the price of that commodity. The result is that, to obtain greater profits in the implementation of arbitrage, a trader should strive to make them earlier than other traders. Aligning the cost of goods on which are carried out arbitrage transactions are executed faster way on more open markets, with higher speed of financial transactions. Carrying out arbitrage transactions, the trader risks nothing. Arbitration, in which transactions are made in different markets are called spatial, and when the transactions are carried out in the same market - just a temporary or speculative arbitrage.

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