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ForexCent Calculator

ForexCent Financial Calculator

ForexCent Financial Calculator is designed for calculation the cost of one pip and the amount of margin required to open the trading position for buying or selling the financial instrument.

By using the calculator, the trader can calculate the amount of required deposit to open the deals in accordance with its trading system before opening a trading account.

If the client already has a trading account, the calculator helps you to see all the options in the contract specification for open deals. They are sent to the trading server to be executed in accordance with the clients order.

All trading operations carrying out by the client on the trading platform include many important parameters of performed transactions. Therefore is so important for trader to be able to count the most significant of them before sending the order to dealer about the need to perform the desired transaction, rather than learn about it from the log file in the history of the trading server account.

Calculator is located in main window of www.forexcent.com in the bottom part of it:

To run the trader calculator, select it in the main window menu.

After starting the calculator, you’ll see the following window:

In the presented window are listed parameters that you specify to calculate the value of margin and the cost of one pip of a deal.

To calculate the required values, you must specify:

- The currency of your deposit. It may be in U.S. Dollars, Euros or Russian Rubles;


- The volume of the planned trade deal The volume of deal indicated in lots;

- The leverage, you have chosen for trading in the Forex market.

Calculator automatically displays the result of his work after specifying all required parameters to calculate the desired results.

For Example:

If we assume that currency trading account is in U.S. dollars, EURUSD is selected, the volume is 1 lot, with a leverage of 1:100, then the Calculator will give the following results:

Now is more detail information about the results of Calculator.

The first value on the left indicates the current value of the rate of the currency pair EURUSD. At the time of calculating the values it was equal to 1.4258. This is a Bid price from the current quote for a given currency pair.

The second value represents the value of one point of the deal. In this case it is 10. This value is in the currency of the deposit. In this case it is the U.S. dollar.

The third value indicates the amount of margin required to maintain an open position. In this case, the amount of margin is equal to 1425.80. Presented value is in the trading deposit currency.

As mentioned earlier, all the required values are calculated automatically after you specify all the necessary parameters. However, if after you have entered all the values to calculate the value one pip proposed transaction and the amount of margin but the result was not issued automatically, you can click the "Calculate" to calculate the desired result.

Thus, by changing the values you need in the financial calculator you can calculate the necessary values that correspond to real values.

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