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Moving Average

Moving Average

Moving Average is most used of all technical indicators. It is widely known opinion that it is on the moving averages traders have earned much more than all the other indicators.
It is used a moving average to generate trading signals. The lot size is set by a special algorithm, and the opening position is carried out according to the moving average.
This advisor analyzes moving average changes and the graphics market price. Verification is performed with a special function programmed in the adviser. Opening a position to buy is implemented if the moving average is above the opening price and below the closing price. In case the moving average is below the opening price and above the closing price, the position is opened up for sale.
Money management is very simple and effective: the opening of the next position implemented on the basis of previous results. Lot size is calculated based on the maximum acceptable risk.
Moving Average Expert Adviser is more suitable for use on a daily chart D1.

To learn more about this Expert Advisor and download its source code on MQL4 you can here:


Schedule of Balance:

Here is a detailed report of the “Moving Average” Expert Adviser.

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