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CFD - Contract for Difference


CFD is a contract for difference. CFD gives the possibility of earning on the basis of fluctuations in the value of a financial asset that the contract provides. It does not require the presence of the asset at the disposal of the trader. Among the assets that provide a contract for difference are: stocks, commodities and various indexes. A trader can earn a profit on the basis of the opening and closing transactions using this financial instrument.

CFD allows traders to make financial operations with small deposits. This greatly increases the potential for trade in precious goods for people who do not have a large capital. Contract for difference is present on the market for several decades. However, it became widely used only recently. CFD traders provide the possibility of opening a deal for buying and selling. This was recently available for traders who do not have large deposits. To date, the use of contracts for difference has become widely used because of the rapid and simple implementation of financial transactions and lower commissions for transactions.

To date, the trader has the ability to use leverage, which makes it possible to use larger amounts in trade transactions and to obtain higher profits. Positions opening are carried out in a very short time. When trading CFDs, there is no need to physically transfer an asset that makes it very easy for traders in their work.

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