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Creating a new Demo Account

New demo account

Adding a new Demo Account

To add a new demo account, you need to log in your cabinet. In the "Cabinet" menu click "Add Account" item:

You’ll see the following dialog window:

You need to fill all the fields using your desired values: select the “Demo” item from the “Account type” menu, select the desired currency of your future demo-account, select the leverage and type the password of the demo-accout.

The most important moment here is to select a “Demo” account type, otherwise you’ll open a real account type.

After you have selected all the desires values, you need to read the client agreement. This client agreement contains all the rules, you need to follow when using the demo-account. If you agree with all conditions described here, you need to check the “Agreement”.

If you want to receive reports about your demo-account state, when check the “Send reports”.

Also you can to get familiar with ForexCent bonus program by clicking the “Get Bonus” button.

After you have selected all the desired values, click the “Add account” button:

Next, you need to deposit your account. In this case, all the money is virtual. Select the amount you need to deposit and click the “Deposit demo account” button:

Finally, you’ll see the following window, where you can find the account number and the password you need to use to log in your trading demo-account. Save these data in a safe place.

After you have created a new demo-account, you can find its description in a list of your account, where you can find the main information about your new demo-account.

To log in your demo-account, you need to select the “Login” item in the “File” menu of your client terminal. You’ll see the following window, where you need to specify your account number in a “Login” field and the password.

Please note, that you need to specify the “UnitedForex-Real Server” at the “Server” field to log in you demo-account.

If you want to save all specified information, check the “Save account information”.

Next, click the “Login” button log in your trading demo-account:

Now you can start trading on your new demo-account.

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