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Forex Margin - the required amount of collateral


Forex Margin is the amount of collateral required in order to guarantee during the financial operations carried out by a trader. The need for a margin provides an opportunity to have commercial products that are higher than those funds that are a trader on the current account. The vast majority of broker firms and their platforms to trade on the financial markets, have necessary types of inspections. These requirements are set by the brokerage company. Only in responding all margin requirements, the trader can carry out trading operations, provided sufficient funds in his account. Brokerage trading platforms automatically calculate those funds, which must have in his account a trader to maintain open trading positions. In addition, this information is available to trader in a real time.

The funds of the trader's trading account must be maintained always at a certain level, given his broker. If the level of funds in the account falls below a certain limit, the broker is entitled to immediately close all the open-position in order to prevent further losses. After this, the trader asks for new funds for trading positions because at the time the existing funds can not ensure the maintenance of open trading positions. This event, when the amount of funds in the account falls below a certain point, called a Margin Call. It allows to insure a trader from the substantial monetary losses that may be higher than the funds in the account that are available. All requirements related to the necessary margin, can be found on our website in the appropriate section.

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