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Forex Bonus on deposit 33%

In the ForexCent company, you can have 33% bonus on deposit if you open Real or Micro USD account in the Client's Cabinet and deposit it with the necessary sum. The Bonus 33% will be granted as trading credit and will be available for withdraw after completing all withdrawal rules.

Open account and Get Bonus 33% >>

Rules of granting and using Bonus 33%:

1. How to claim Bonus 33%:
1.1. Open Micro or Real account in USD currency.
1.2. Deposit account with the sum from 10$ and more.
1.3. After depositing account, please send request for bonus by support chat or e-mail with your account number.
1.4. Bonus 33% will be granted on the first deposit for customer's accounts. Next deposits will be granted by your request with Bonus 20% for loyalty.
1.5. Maximum summary Bonus 33% amount for one customer is 330$.
1.6. Bonus 33% is granted as trading credit within 1 working day after bonus request has been made. All orders must be closed to receive bonus.
1.7. Bonus will not be granted for internal transfer between Client's accounts.
1.8. Only one Bonus 33% or Bonus 20% might be active on all customer's accounts.

2. How to withdraw Bonus 33% from account
2.1. For withdrawing Bonus 33%, Client must trade at least 50 trades with summary lot volume 30% from the delegated bonus amount.
Example 1: Deposit amount is 10$, Bonus amount 3.3$, you have to trade summary 0.99 lots for the Real account or 99.0 lots for the Micro account.
Example 2: Deposit amount is 100$, Bonus amount 33.0$, you have to trade summary 9.9 lots for the Real account or 990.0 micro lots for the Micro account.
2.2. Orders conflicting with following rules will be excluded from count:
2.2.1. Orders described in agreement and
2.2.2. Cancelled and deleted pending orders.
2.2.3. Orders with profit/loss less then 3 points.
2.2.4. Orders made with scalping(pipsing) and Martingale expert advisors.
2.2.5. Withdrawing any amount of funds from account with Bonus 33% will reset lots and orders counting.
2.2. To withdraw bonus from credit to the balance, please make sure all withdraw rules are complete if they are complete please send Bonus withdraw request to our support team in form: "Please transfer Bonus from credit to balance on the account (your account number). All rules are completed."
2.2.1. All opened orders must be closed to transfer bonus credit on balance.
2.3. In case all bonus withdraw rules are completed, our manager will transfer Bonus from the credit status to balance.

3. Trading conditions on account with Bonus 33%
3.1. Maximum leverage 1:200 for Micro account and 1:200 for Real account type.
3.1.1. Leverage will be lowered to 1:200 after bonus 33% granted if leverage was higher.
3.2. StopOut level for Micro account with bonus is 40% and 50% for Real account with bonus.
3.2. Trading with only bonus credit available on account is prohibited.
3.3. Credited bonus might be used for holding up unprofitable position.

4. Withdrawing from account with Bonus 33%
4.1. Withdrawal from account is available only if there are no open orders.
4.2. After requesting initial funds withdrawal from the account with Bonus 33%, bonus will be deduced proportionally to withdrawn amount with rounding to a big part of integer USD.
4.3. Profit may be withdrawn with immediately if all orders are closed.
4.4. Bonus credit is not withdrawable. Bonus might be transferred on deposit and withdrawn regarding p.2 of the Bonus 33% rules.

5. Bonus cancellation
5.1. If balance on the account is lower then 100% of bonus amount, the bonus might be also lowered to the 33% of balance level with prior notification.
5.2. If trading balance on the Bonus account is lower than 5% of the delegated bonus or trading balance become negative after closing all positions, Bonus will be deleted.
5.3. Bonus and orders will be cancelled if hedging of transactions using several bonus accounts or if any other bonus manipulations revealed (such as locking with other brokers bonus accounts, or similar strategies/orders from clients with bonus accounts, or simillar IP addresses and other manipulations).
5.4. The company has a right to deny granting a bonus or to cancel delegated bonus at any time without giving any reason for it and without notification.

6. Company may request personal verification documents of the Client for granting bonus

7. Company reserve right to change rules of Bonus 33%account any time without prior notification.

Open account and Get Bonus 33% >>